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Originally from Houston, Texas, Brian Reynolds became an activist against bullying after going through his own personal experience with it when he started a new middle school.  As the result of his efforts, Brian was appointed Ambassador for World Champions Against Bullying and to The Non Violence Project Foundation.  He is also a Committee Member for World Boxing Council’s WBC Cares and writes for Suljos International.
In order to learn how to defend himself, Brian was introduced to martial arts and started competing throughout the United States, eventually winning the 2012 Triple Crown Texas State Championship titles in Traditional Form, Weapons, and Sparring.  In 2012, he was also 1st in World Championships Rankings in both Form and Sparring and 2nd in Weapons for his Color Belt Division with the American Taekwondo Association.  In addition to earning his Black Belt, Brian is honored to be one of the youngest Eagle Scouts in the United States and is an Active Member of the National Eagle Scout Association.  In 2010, Brian was identified as a potential champion in boxing and trained at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas until Spring, 2013, when it was decided that he would no longer qualify for the 2016 Olympics.
For his hours of continuous community service, Brian was awarded the Gold Presidential Service Award and in May, 2013, Brian achieved the Platinum Award for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Challenge (PALA) signed by President Barack Obama.   When Brian has spare time, he enjoys playing golf and has competed in numerous Junior PGA Golf tournaments.   He also enjoys playing basketball and is a gifted drummer, where he volunteered as the main percussionist for Houston Praise Band for about three years and was featured on Austin City Limits.   His other passion is traveling and seeing other cultures.  He has travelled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama Canal, Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Thomas, Bahamas, Gibraltar, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, England, Northern Ireland, and his father’s native country, Ireland.
Currently, Brian is a home schooled high school senior living in California who plans to attend college in 2014.  He is 16-years-old.


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