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What an honor it was for me to attend the 9th Annual Watson Family Celebrity Charity Basketball Game at California State University in Northridge on December 15, 2013!

Mayweather Watson Flier

Organized by Sam Watson, and his two sons, Brandon and Marcus, the game was hosted by Floyd “Money” Mayweather in order to raise money to purchase toys for less fortunate kids.

Sam Watson

As Ambassador for World Champions Against Bullying and a former amateur boxer of the Mayweather Boxing Club, I planned to rally as much support as possible against bullying with the WBC World Championship Belt and say a quick “hello” to whom I consider to be a friend, Floyd.


This sold-out event was so well-organized by Carla Ja that there was standing-room-only for late comers.  Imagine the paparazzi and crowd’s enthusiasm with an endless amount of celebrities on hand including Cedric The Entertainer, Sugar Shane Mosley, The Game, Marques Houston, Austin Trout, Andre Direll, Gilbert Arenas, Laura Govan, Danny Garcia, Pooch Hall, Tank, DeRay Davis, Mario, Tyga, The Professor, Jonathan Wesley, Julius Jackson, Mindless Behavior, Romeo Miller, Flex Alexander, Tyrin Turner, Danny Garcia, Shaunie O’Neil, Kelly Rowland, Sheree Fletcher, and Jamie Foxx.  Here are some of my photos with friends supporting bullying awareness and BullyTalk.org.

KD Aubert 2

Cedric the Entertainer & Croix Kyles
Gary Owen - Version 2
I also spoke to the media about my experiences with bullying and the different ways that I would have done differently to end my situation.  My main message is that an adult is required for intervention and that bystanders have to get involved in order to make a difference.
Media Speech

As usual, Floyd’s arrival didn’t need to be announced.  The uproar and rush of crowds said it all!  It was so chaotic and jammed on the Red Carpet that I wasn’t sure if Floyd would even see me standing at the end.  Surrounded by huge bodyguards, Floyd was encased within the flow of fans and media pushing towards the basketball court. At that point, I realized that there was no way that Floyd was even going to see me, let alone have a conversation.  Then Lynn, my mother, who also serves as my photographer, shouted out my name to Floyd. 

TMT in the House!

Immediately, Floyd turned around looking for me while the mob crushed in even further.  When he saw me, he smiled and signaled to his bodyguards to include me in his circle.  It was a mad chaos of bodies pressing forward and an adrenaline rush that I will never forget.  All of the sudden, I heard his name announced and was pushed on the basketball court, becoming a part of TMT, also known as, The Money Team.  It was a comical situation with Lynn outside this circle attempting to keep up while trying to take photographs.  

Cover Photo

What an experience of a lifetime!   It was the perfect way to end what had been a year of transition and realize that the loyalty in a friendship never dies, no matter what the circumstance, with genuine people.

Here are photos of the game!


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